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Work experience at 16

I'm 16 and thinking about studying Modern Languages at uni (specifically French/Spanish and Italian, maybe at Oxbridge) with a plan to go into law later on. What work experience could I get that could make my application stand out? Does it really matter what the experience is? If it helps at all, I am doing Grade 7 LAMDA, Silver award RADA and I play piano. I also love debating and public speaking, reading and writing.
There’s no work experience that will improve your application for academic degrees like language and law.

If you want to improve your application then academic related activities are what you should be looking at doing.
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For w/ex at 16 you just ned to do something that interests you - its doesnt have to have big career or degree relevance.
No Uni is going to care about the w/ex you did at 16.

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