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Contextual offers

In Uni who does contextual offers apply to
Original post by Menaheel.x
In Uni who does contextual offers apply to

Depends on the uni
but most of the time
young carers
people in care/who have been
people estranged from parents
some one attending a specific state school ( low performing)
postcode IMD Q1 or Q2
postcode differs from uni to uni
people with free school meals
people eligible for ucat bursary or receiving 16-19 bursary
If they have done a course at the uni e.g RO or sutton trust (differs from uni to uni)

pretty sure their are more but these are the ones i can remember most unis have a contextual offer checker or it may depends on the course

some unis require 2/3 of the above ( medicine dentistry or vet its usually 2)
some unis just one
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Original post by Menaheel.x
In Uni who does contextual offers apply to

The rules vary uni by uni. So pick a uni you're interested in applying to, and search for their contextual offers page.

Factors which are aften used are your (or your school's) postcode - to establish whether you're in an area where not many people go to uni, whether you're eligible for free school meals - as that's an indicator of low income, whether you've ever been in care, whether you're the first in your family to attend uni, etc. etc.

As I say, the rules can vary a lot (and can also get quite complicated in some cases), so you need to check each target uni one by one. Many have on-line tools where they'll ask you a few questions and give you an indication of whether or not you're likely to be eligible for a contextual offer.

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