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University Withdrawn Courses

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Original post by LittleDemonized
So. I was trying to apply for Bath Spa University but I went to apply and the course was gone. So I went to try and search it up. But all the courses in that uni are gone. Every single one. The deadline wasn’t until Jan and I wasn’t even sure id even be applying for 2024. Does anyone know if it’s just a bug or they’ve actually removed it all. They had like 200+ courses Available. Offline and on?

Probably worth contacting them and seeing what they say. I imagine it's just a bug though.
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This is a known glitch within the UCAS system - and not just for this Uni.

If you added ‘Bath Spa’ as a University a while ago and you are now trying to select a course, some of the courses don’t appear in the drop-down menu.*The solution is to delete*Bath Spa from your list of selected Universities and then add it to the list again. The full course list should then appear in the drop-down.

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