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I hate my brother

I have an older brother, he is 25 he's been living in our house his whole life and I want him out. Every time my mom leaves for work he goes in her room and drinks all her drinks (like beers and alcohol) and snacks.
One time I was packing lunch for my siblings all their snacks were gone , all he did was eat all of our food. My mom already tried to kick him by calling the police and they were not doing anything. He likes to put hide bowls and plates in our cabinets and other places causing mold and I remember one time this dude fr threaten me about something dumb like saying I took his markers he bought from the dollar store that were like 5 dollars and I already have supplies (I draw). He also likes to go in me and my sisters room and take our clothes, well mainly my clothes Because I like large hoodies and shirts and all of them are gone. Literally my brand new ones and they were some nice shirts bruh and Yall probably wondering why i haven't confronted this man but I literally have he just completely denies it all. And I'm kinda scared of him so I sometimes get my older sister to ask him about it (she's 1 year older than me). He sometimes hits us well not sometimes a lot when our mother is not home.

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