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Can I submit a predicted grade and reference separately on a UCAS application?

I'm looking to take A level exams this summer, and am writing up my UCAS application. My circumstances have meant that I am registered with my local sixth form for exams and have gone in to do science practicals, but because of my health I've been studying for the A level via an online course independently. I am also looking to submit my application independently as a mature student not through the school.

My issue is, I've asked one of my school teachers to be my reference since they know me and can talk about my situation, but I haven't done any work with them that they could use to give me a predicted grade. My online course has a tutor I submit some work to that can predict me a grade, but they don't really know me. Can a teacher who isn't able to give me a predicted grade put a predicted grade I've been given from someone else down in their reference? Can I put a predicted grade down on the application without needing it to be put in the reference?
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Only your nominated referee can enter predictions. In this case I would see if you referee is willing to liaise with your tutor to get a prediction from them.

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