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Is there any way to switch degrees without having to start from the beginning?

I'm a physics student at the University of Manchester, and I'm considering the possibility of changing degrees. Unfortunately I've already done 3 semesters of this degree, so it might make more sense to just rough it for 3 more. I had this question last year too, so I emailed other departments such as Engineering and Maths and they all said I would have to restart from first year. Are there any other options?
Generally not unless the course is more or less the same for the first year/two years. Also transferring course into third year of another degree is extremely uncommon. Your options would be top-up courses after finishing 2nd year (although these are not designed for people "changing subject" and expect you to have the relevant background to do the top-up year) or credit transfer to the OU and do an Open degree which allows you to pick and choose your modules. Some unis may have some kind of combined honours scheme which may facilitate swaps later in the course (e.g. FCH at Exeter - I know someone who did in fact exactly swap from physics to FCH after second year and mostly did IT modules in his third year plus a couple physics modules).

Also bear in mind as you've been studying for more than one year at degree level, you would not get full funding for starting a new full-time course from first year unless you apply and are granted an additional year of funding for compelling personal reasons from SFE (but could start a part-time course and be fully funded for that). So keep that in mind when considering your options!

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