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Student loan following SAAS (complicated situation)


Hoping someone can help me clear this up!

I'm trying to find out whether I am able to get student finance in any part of the UK. I don't know how their tuition system works, but I'd move to Ireland if it meant I was eligible.

I've had two years of SAAS in the past which I used to study a HNC in IT, but failed both years as it was completely the wrong course for me. I believe it was one normal year, and a plus one year as I repeated the first year of the course.

I've now found my calling and hope to study BSc Paramedic Science. Although I could go the technician route I hope to study the degree instead.

In case it makes a difference in terms of being a mature student, I entered college for the first time at 18 and will turn 21 in the summer.

Thanks :smile:
Your funding body is determined by where you normally live not where you attend university.

Assuming that you still live in Scotland, the following is quoted from the SAAS website regarding previous study:

Paramedic, nursing and midwifery
If you have had UK or other EU public funds for a higher education course before, and it was not in paramedic, nursing or midwifery, you may still be eligible for full support to study a paramedic, nursing or midwifery course.

I'd suggest giving SAAS a call to check if you would be eligible.

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