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Mature student applying for uni to start in 2024


I have applied to study diagnostic radiography at Teesside University in 2024.
my application is complete on UCAS and has been sent to the uni to be considered.

Im 36 and work in the nhs currently, however my alevels are from 2006 when i was at college and i know the points system has changed since.
i was accepted to study sports studies in 2006 but didnt finish as went in the navy - i received an advanced certificate in continuing education from Teesside University
The university asked for my certificates and any linked addresses the other day which i have sent off - is this a good or bad thing?

it has made me really anxious about being accepted to the course with the changes to points and now them asking for the certificates and linked addresses - its not an issue as sent off already via their portal as have the originals kept safe.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

thank you
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A levels don't usually go out of date compared to some access courses for example so you should be fine. I wouldn't worry about it as it may just be a tick box in their applications system that needs to be met. Your experience in the Navy and currently in the NHS would make you a strong applicant assuming you do meet the core requirements, but even then your experience may out weigh your grades. You sound like a strong applicant and best of luck with your studies!
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Thank you very much.

my grades in 2006 were - A level physical education - C worth 32 ucas points
BTEC CERTIFICATE IN SPORT - DM - worth 80 ucas points
AS LEVEL SOCIOLOGY - D - 10 ucas points

I have looked and i need 112 - 122 ucas points which i think i have but with the points changing im unsure would there be anyone who can clarify for me please?
From that, you should be ok as long as you need any additional requirements set and are likely to get a contextual offer but the only people who can give you a certain answer are the university admissions team as applications are also looked at by the academic team and they will make a decision based on the application as a whole and the life experience may be a big factor.

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