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Re-applying for student finance

Hiya, I'm in the process of applying for student finance for my third year of uni. I'm unsure what to put for the question "Please estimate how much other income, before deductions, you expect to get in academic year 2024/25".

I have a fixed-term savings account (not an ISA) maturing in September 2024. I have two questions, firstly, does this count as "during the academic year 24-25"? Does the academic year 2024-25 mean September 2024 - august 2025, or does it mean the start of my course - the end of my course? (My course doesn't start until October).

Secondly, how do I declare the interest gained from the fixed saver? The interest is paid into the same account monthly. Do I only declare the interest that will be gained in September 2024, or do I declare the total amount of interest gained since opening the account (as I only gain access to the money in September 2024)?

Thank you
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Hi karotra,

The 24/25 academic year is from the 1st September 2024 to the 31st August 2025

You will need to declare the total amount of gross interest earned during the 24/25 academic year


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