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im not sure if i should take a midwifery undergrad or a radiographer undergrad so that i can then become a sonographer.
im currently doing sciences at alevels, and i rlllllyyyy want to be a locum as well as a obstetrics sonographer, ppl say to take a radiographer degree rather than a midwifery degree but i rlly love midwifery degree and would like to a sonographer alongside being a midwife, what shall i do?
I think you need to decide what you would like to do outside of becoming (eventually) a sonographer. That's a later stage of your career and you will need to go through the whole degree and likely work for several years (at least) before you can pursue that route. So think about which you would prefer doing before becoming a sonographer (or in case you aren't able to pursue that in the end for whatever reason). As otherwise you may end up being stuck doing something you hate and not actually reach your longer term goal anyway!

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