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Got a job where everyone with the same or similar job title has a degree

I created this account as a bit of a throwaway, as I don’t want to post it on my main account. But back in 2018, I decided to drop out of university but I didn’t really alter my career goals. I still wanted to do what I wanted to do, but for various reasons I wasn’t doing well with university.

I staid in communication with my faculty about it and I networked in my chosen profession (education) while I was still at university. When I finally decided to drop out of university, I left on good terms with a Certificate of Higher Education and with a job in a secondary school. I guess even then most of the people I worked with had degrees but I didn’t give it too much thought.

I should note, I haven’t abandoned my educational pursuits however. I’m presently studying to become a counsellor and I am in the midst of doing my Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling. My goal is to follow this through to Level 6 and eventually return to university to do a Masters in Psychology. While I was at university, when I started becoming distant from the course, one of my lecturers suggested that Psychology might be more my speed. It is something that stuck with me. But as it stands, I lack a degree.

Anyway, I recently found myself not enjoying working in secondary education. I’m very passionate about working in a student support role. While a degree isn’t required for one, in schools they require a lot of experience, there aren’t many roles in that area and they are extremely competitive. My career felt like it hit a dead end where I’d been pigeonholed into roles I wasn’t really interested in and that weren’t progressing my career.

As a result, I changed my focus to working in higher education. The jobs I wanted proved to still be rather competitive but there seem to be a lot more student support focused roles. It took me 6 months of job searching and I finally landed myself a job in the area I want and I’m very excited to get started on a career path that I am passionate about.

I explained earlier on that I had some issues with university and it is part of the reason I want to work in student support, as those issues predate me going to university and dropping out. I have some very applicable lived experience to bring to the role. Not to mention 5 years of working in education. It’s not like I don’t bring anything to the table and like I said, these roles are still competitive. I got the job, so evidently the university that has hired me has seen that too.

Regardless though, out of curiosity I decided to look for other people on LinkedIn with a similar or identical job title to mine. Mainly for networking purposes and to get an idea of who I’d be working with. But I noticed a very clear pattern. EVERYONE had a degree. One person even had a masters degree.

I know I bring a lot to the role and I proved myself in my interview, evidenced by the fact I got the job. But I can’t help but feel a little intimidated by the fact, from what I can tell I am the only person with this job title who lacks a degree. At the same time though, I guess it doesn’t really occur to many people to pursue a career in higher education if they lack a degree though.

I’m probably overthinking things and I’m just really writing out my thoughts. I guess it is more a feeling of imposter syndrome than anything else. But has anyone else on here found themself in a similar situation?
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