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Annoying family

My parents and sister are so very jealous of me. I hate them so bad. They forced me into joining a college just next door so we are not independent. Its kinda good college but according to my scores , capacity and aptitude , i always dreamt of studying a different subject in a very different college. My sister who almost failed high school joined this college three years back. She s at the last of her class in college too ofc. I graduated high school with top marks and i m still in the top 5 or 10 of my class in college. My sister failed a class too in college and got depromoted a year. That same year I joined the college ( very much against my wish ), and my evil mom started saying that her depromotion is somehow cause i jinxed her darling daughter the day i got admitted. The mother and daughter feel that they re great and thinks everyone shud bow to them. My evil mom is completely crazy. She nor her daughter have any friends at all, because they have this extreme inferiority complex that makes them act like they re great to compensate. Now my sis is constantly trying to boss me in front of my friends. She hates me talking to my friends. When i m in class with my friends, she just walks in and starts being like come with me nah, why re u sitting with these people”. Yesterday there was this really fun occasion in college and she came along cause my mom forced her to come with me just to make sure i dont enjoy the function. And this girl kept interrupting whenever i was conversing with my friends - hey idiot wth are u doing here ,i was searching everywhere for u , its time to go home, our transport has come and ofc yeah our car was not yet there,. Then i go back to talk to my friends and again she comes in to interrupt making all my friends feel uncomfortable too. Once me and my friends were playing some game for some fest at college and she just runs to me from behind , slaps me on my head and asks hey idiot what r u doing ? “. I got so embarrassed and I couldn’t even shout at her as I didn’t want to look weird ! Whenever i m anywhere near her and if one of her classmates walk by, she makes a comment like oh stay away from him, he is all the time irritated, be aware, he s stupid “. My mom obvi always supports her. I never really complained, but yesterday i was way too annoyed because even my friends got uncomfortable with this girl’s contant nagging and interruption . And my mom was like dont dare talk about your sister that way again” . I dont know what to do . Next time she comes and interrupts me what should i say so that she goes away ???
damn sorry about that but I think there are services for situations like these that could give better advice like maybe childline 0800 1111

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