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Means-tested maintanance loan with parents living overseas

What is the process and paperwork needed in order to get a means-tested maintenance loan if your parents live overseas and make their income there?

Also, does it matter if the tax year is different when submitting income details?
Hi there. We would require them to complete a PFF2 form for the relevant Academic Year. If you are on the 23/24 Academic Year we take the income from 21/22. If the tax year in their home country runs from January to January, this would be for 2021. We would require evidence of the income along with the PFF2.

Acceptable Overseas Income Evidence

Letter from the sponsor’s employer (confirming salary for the tax year).

Accountant’s letter.

Self-Assessment / P60 (or country equivalent).

Week 53 payslip/ Month 12 payslip

Thanks, Leah.
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So just to clarify, if I applied for 24/25 my parents would have to share income details for the 22/23 tax year. If the tax year was from January to January they would have to send over details for the equivalent 2022 tax year instead?
Also, if the evidence documents are not in English, would they have to be sent along with a certified translation?

All the best, Philip
Yes, that is correct.

We would advise you to translate if possible. If not, someone here will attempt to do this for you. If they are unable to, they would then request a translated copy. Thanks, Leah.

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