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Need relationship advice from understanding people please... watch


    (Original post by sideways_gun)
    Oh wow, no facebook?? Then you must be REALLY confused about your relationship if you don't even have facebook-induced jealousy to fuel your indecision lol (half lol and half true!!!).

    You said "explore what you don't need". That is such an extremely poignant phrase I feel guilty even now. I spent the past 2 weeks straight with him, housesitting while my mother was away on a cruise....... oh how I wanted to just get splitting up over with so I could attend any of the 5 SOCIAL EVENTS I had to forgo just to maintain our "bliss" :mad: I just wanna go out with my girlfriends at least twice per week and actually take a look at all the hotness they bathe in every time. I am so frustrated it's embarrassing (not sexually frustrated, mind you :p: ) for not asserting myself as an individual. It's gotten to the point where I hear about parties AFTER they have happened that I wasn't even invited to because people ASSUME I am "busy" in my love-love cocoon. Makes me go :eek: :mad: :eek3:

    Seriously, I'm leaning towards going wild behind his back while setting it up so he'll just dump me. Makes me want to cry sometimes.

    How's your mental state?

    Well my mental state is god aweful! im £1500 in debt and owe atleast double that cus student finances are taking the piss with my money...

    So.. im mental cus of that mainly lol. But i know exactly what you feel. I used to go out atleast every wednesday and saturday. Then of course down uni rooms to play pool and watch the footy despite not really having an interest in it. but still good fun. or was good fun. I dont even get invited to the pub anymore despite living with 2 of them cus they think ems keeping me locked in a cage.

    I cant get her to dump me, i think she wouldnt even leave me if i slept with someone else but i wouldnt do that anyway, couldnt live with that lol.

    I hear storys of my gfs friend getting annoyed at her bf for going out with his mates once a week.. i wish i could just cause that atmosphere just to get out and live again ON MY OWN lol.

    I need to learn that thing when you sit legs crossed and hum, get my head clear =/

    edit: btw when i said iv not got facebook, by that i mean iv deleted it because it means my gf isnt having to check up on me and being suspicious that im up to something ruled that one out lol

    (Original post by legendxo)
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder Im sure ur gf dosnt think that of you!
    Ok we can talk again mr SFsuck, bedtime for me Nite..
    Your not ment to agree with me! gay! lol
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