is this normal for plan b one step or is this a sign Im pregnant? HELP #worried

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I recently spent time with my boyfriend/fiance, four days to be exact (we live a bit apart at the moment) and during those four days we had unprotected sex numerous times. sometimes we used a condom but sometimes we didnt, and we used the pull out method. each time we used the pull out method he withdrew in time, but we have both heard horror stories of precum pregnancies, so we were slightly worried. so on the third day we made a trip to the local pharmacy and picked up the plan b one step pill. took it immediatly, which put us at the very least several hours within the 72 hour limit from our first unprotected sexual activities. Ive used the plan b one step once before and the very next day experienced all the usual symptoms of a period, bloating, cramping, dizzy spells ect. all which turned out to be side effects of the pill. this time however, I didnt experience any of those symptoms. then about 8 or 9 days after taking the pill, I noticed brown discharge, like old blood. Im worried because Ive heard this is a sign of implantation. but Ive also heard that that can be a side effect from the pill. my question is for any other women who have experienced this or anyone with a medical background who knows about such things, being he pulled out in time and the pill was taken within the 72 hour limit, HOW worried should I be from this? I did not experience the brown discharge the previous time taking the pill. my fiance is more worried than me about it but I will admit I am a bit rattled :/. just looking for some reassurance if this really is normal. Ive been experiencing the discharge for 3 days now, and my normal period is still not due until the end of this week. anyone able to give me any kind of scale as to how worried I should be? pregnancy isnt a bad thing as we are both adults and engaged anyways but both families are EXTREMELY religious and an unwed pregnancy would certainly cause some strife for us both. please help!
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Hi, have a little research into female fertility.

Are you any kind of birth control? If not then the chances are you ovulate normally and depending on how long your usual cycle is, you can work out roughly when you are fertile and not. Based on a 28 days cycle, you will begin your period on day 1 if the egg is not fertizlised. It is around day 14 that you ovulate, on this day and 5 days before that, you can get pregnant. Please don't assume this means you are or are not pregnant, this is based on a general guideline and the only way to accuratly ensure you are not fertile is the track your cycles, temperatures and make full use of natural family planning. We are told in school that you can get pregnant at any time of the month but actually it is only 6 days of the month.

So you say your period is due in 3 days, so really it depends when you spent time with your partner, when you ovulated etc, but without proper tracking it's hard to confirm.

The spotting you are experiencing could be implantation or a side effect of the pill you took.

Unfortunatly I can't really help you much more than that sorry, if you are not wanting to get pregnant, then using some form of birth control is probably the best way to go in future. For now, try to relax, you can take a test in 3 days when your period arrives. Maybe book a trip to the doctor so you can know it's accurate and chat it through with a proffesional!

Hope you get the answer you are wanting!

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