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    I'm going to try and keep this as short as possible but sorry if it's really long!

    Basically, I've started talking to this guy and I really like him. He moved away a few years ago so at the moment we just text and skype, but he's coming back to the UK for uni in September, he's going to Imperial and I'm going to UCL so hopefully I will get to see him more. I've never properly said that I like him as more than a friend, but it's kind of obvious to say the least and I thought he was the same about me.

    The main problem is that he was just in a long relationship and he says he's broken up with his girlfriend but I'm kind of confused about it. I thought he had, then someone told me he hadn't and I asked him about it, he diverted the conversation but told me two days later that he just told her it's over. I was kind of annoyed but at that point we were just starting to talk properly, so I didn't think much of it.

    However, about a month later (so a few weeks ago now) his 'ex' posted a picture of the two of them together on twitter, with a caption that clearly implied they were still together. I tried to bring her up in conversation again but he just completely ignored the question and changed the subject. I don't want to tell him I've seen that picture because he'll know that I've been looking at her social media pages, which just seems creepy. His 'ex' was also a long distance thing so it wouldn't have been hard to hide things from her, I suppose.

    I think I know that I shouldn't be getting involved in this, I feel bad for her and it's hurting me too but I really do like him. None of this is helped by the fact that I don't really have very many other friends, so he's pretty much turned into the person I go to about everything now. I'm scared to talk to him about all of this incase it ruins everything.

    Any advice? I know it's stupid but it's really been getting to me recently

    TL;DR - like this guy, says he's broken up with his long term girlfriend but I'm not 100% sure, too scared to confront him about the breakup and/or my feelings for him

    Ask him if they've broken up and every time he tries to divert the question, ask him why he's not answering. And if it turns out that they haven't broken up, don't go there with him.
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