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    1) Tight frenulum At one point I had phismosis which I was able to fix through stretching, and my foreskin now retracts to show the full head of my penis both flaccid and erect, although it is perhaps a little tight. My bigger issue is that once I could finally retract my foreskin, I was greeted with a tight frenulum. It doesn't prevent my foreskin from showing the glans as I've already mentioned, however it does mean that my foreskin won't retract all the way and causes the foreskin on the upper side of my penis to bunch up. This makes wearing/putting on a condom very awkward and the foreskin/head of my penis goes very red when wearing it and the frenulum goes white when I wear it or try to pull the skin further down. Basically my question is, is it fine to have sex like this? Also what can I do to loosen the frenulum? Will stretches/excercises work? I'm at college and live with my parents am unable to go to the doctor or have surgery without her intervention which I would rather not have happen.

    2) Excessive precum issue Just cuddling or flirting with my girlfriend I find my penis head and foreskin, as well as my underwear are wet with precum. How can I control this as it makes it very embarrassing. Thanks for the help with any of my two issues.
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    Hi Mate, I've recently came across this problem aswell and am seeing a doctor tomorrow about it so I'll let you know what they say if you'd like? To cut a long story short I've split my Frenulum in the early hours of this morning whilst having sex with my girlfriend. I originally suffered with tight foreskin until I started stretching it but I found that my frenulum was rather tight/short and caused discomfort whilst having sex. The first few times I had sex it was painful but once you get into the rhythm of things I kinda got used to it and powered through but still felt like I was pushing my luck so to speak, Well this morning my luck ran out haha and to be honest I kinda freaked out when I saw blood down there...

    I've been searching the web throughout the day and the only real solution I've seen that may finally help me enjoy sex and to get rid of this problem is either having a Frenuloplasty which is a small operation which eliminates the problems of tightness and shortness of the frenulum.

    Obviously all of this depends on person to person but if it feels tight and you think you shouldn't then I'd recommend seeing a doctor as its better to get it sorted now then to have something happen (Like it did for me) and then have to see the doctor anyways because as any guy can imagine it is not a nice feeling...

    I hope this helped.
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    1. Why can't you see a doctor without involving your parents? This is a 'see your GP / sexual health clinic' issue.

    2. Some men produce none, some produce some, you're one of those who produce lots. All are normal. If you don't like it, can you use something like a handkerchief in your underwear?
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