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someone told me I sound like Siri

What does it meant by that? is there something wrong with my accent ?
do you have a monotone voice?
Dead at how you went anonymous :rofl:
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is it a bad thing lol
um your fine
infact thats pretty cool x
How do I get to the nearest shopping mall?
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It’s kind of hard to know what they mean without knowing what you sound like exactly. But sounding like Siri could be a good thing as Siri’s voice is designed to be easily understandable and clear. It’s supposed to be a “good” voice. On the other hand your friend could be saying that you don’t have much emotion in your voice and sound a bit like a robot. It really just depends. I don’t thing sounding a bit like Siri is a bad thing
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What does it meant by that? is there something wrong with my accent ?

That is good because it means your voice is non-geographical (within your country of course) which means that people won't know where you are from based on your voice. This means that people will not know if you are from a more privileged area or not. It also means that people can understand you easily no matter which part of your country they are from which is good because you are unlikely to have to repeat yourself even if you are talking fast, perhaps because you are agitated.
On the other hand, one disadvantage of having a voice like Siri is that Siri's tone never changes; apart from a slight rise in intonation when asking a question, Siri's voice is mostly monotone and lacks emotion. If your voice sounds like Siri you may want to think about trying to imitate other people more so you sound less like a robot when you speak. Most people do this naturally but some people have to slightly fake it, for example someone with autism might lack empathy meaning they don't subconsciously change the tone of the voice like most people do.
Personally, I think you would have been able to tell what they meant based on your relationship with the person.
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Original post by billie mercury
do you have a monotone voice?

I think so
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I think so

you could pull off dry humour quite well then
yes it is
what's the weather like today?