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I met this guy in a less than conventional way. I won’t describe it to you. Long story and such.
But ever since I met him, I’ve never felt the same about anyone else.
Everything about him seems absolutely perfect. Everything. There are signs.. songs I hear, words I see, everything seems to point towards something I’d associate with him.

Recently he met someone else. Due to the circumstances, we weren’t ever really together. I’d met other people in the past and I thought we could end it all there. But i kept feeling the way I feel now. It’s so hard to let go you know.

Anyway, he’s with her now and I’m trying my hardest to avoid contact with him. I promised her. I don’t even know the girl yet I promise such big things. I know for sure though, I’m totally in love with him, but it seems easier, less selfless, to let him go.

I’ve never felt the same and I never will. I can’t pursue him. But is it normal I’m so hung up after nearly 2 months? After pulling, as it were, over 5 guys? I seem to just get wasted out of my brains to forget the reality but not one day has gone by that I haven’t thought about him. We shared so much and it seems all of that is gone. He won’t contact me which I can understand. But it’s the hurt that suddenly I mean nothing to someone when it seemed I meant so much.

My question is; Is it ‘normal’ to see no prospect of ever moving on?
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Yes it is normal as everyone is different and it takes people different amounts of time to 'move on' from someone or 'get over' them.

Some take 2 months some take 2 years so don't worry, and concentrate on other important things in your life to help you at least live life if you cant bear moving on without him.

Everything happens for a reason, try to remember that

and tc

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