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So the girl I’ve been talking to me revealed to me that I was her first

So I’ve been seeing a girl for a few months and I’ve been sleeping with her but last night she told me that I was the first person to sleep with her. I was under the assumption she’d had slept with a few people just cause she’s in university and I’ve had quite a few sexual partners. I took it weirdly like I would have preferred if she had a lot more bodies cause now I feel like a scumbag compared to her. I still don’t know if I should believe her which it’s irrelevant to me but it would be weird to lie about being a virgin considering she is 23. She said she’s done everything else else but I was the first to have full on intercourse. I don’t even know what I’m complaining about but I think highly about this girl and I imagine spending my life with her 🤣 as weird as that sounds but I feel like this might ruin my chances in the future as I feel like I’m just gonna be the first dude now. Man normally people complain about people having a high body count am I weird lmao
You don't need to feel about yourself, there's nothing wrong here at all. I imagine she didn't tell you before doing it in case it made it weird - some men get a kick out of it, others are weirded out by virgins. It's only wrong if something wrong did actually happen, which it didn't.

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