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I just been sexually assaulted by my gay boss, what do i do?

This is really embarrassing.

Last night was a "work night" that everyone from work was going round our bosses house for some fun drinking games. However, no one showed up apart from me. Whether or not they were actually invited I'm unsure.

It was fine at the start when sober we were just playin some games and making spaghetti. When we got so drunk he started asking me to try on these see through clothes; i was so wasted so i did it. He kept saying he loves my body and my abs. We had music on and were both really drunk and dancing, he randomly just started saying that he'd "love to f*ck me if i wasn't his employee" then started to call me cute etc. I've told him i am straight many times. He then took me upstairs and onto the bed and started kissing me. I was so drunk i didn't even know what i was doing. I then jumped up and got my stuff and left.

I don't want to keep it hidden but I'm too embarrassed to tell people. My mum knows only bc i came in so drunk screaming help at 4am.
brodie, get your bag

lawsuit against them and ask for loads of compensation.

i hope your okay, things like this are disgusting and it should be taken and dealt with in the eyes of the law
I'm so sorry. I hope you're okay.
This is disgusting. It's even worse if you were the only one invited. Means he had a hidden agenda.
Tell the police. Guys right above, you need to sue him.
Horrible behaviour.

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