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how to pass aqa a level biology practicals

im a private candidate and will be starting my biology in september. i dont know how practicals work. i will be having practicals booked though from my online college (oxbridge home learning) and my nearest one is in south bank london (i think). this is about an hour / an hour and a half drive. i dont drive yet (having lessons) , so probs wont be able to drive for year 12. will probably stay in a hotel tbh to save travel and time
anyway, are there many practicals? are they difficult to pass? what should i expect?
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No they're not difficult to pass you just follow the instructions and may possibly have to do some written work afterwards as this is what we had to do at sixth form.
As far as i'm aware there are 12 required practicals.

Honestly i wouldn't even worry about it we never took practicals seriously in sixth form and we still passed they're a piece of cake really.
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Hey, I noticed you're doing the A level in biology through Oxbridge I just had a question. I've been going through their notes, but notice that (apart from the numerous typos) quite a lot of extra information is given, and it's really hard to know what to commit to memory and what to skip. For example, for cells, they provide illustrations of the structure of the Golgi apparatus, although level of detail isn't required according to the syllabus and has not come up in any past papers from the past 5 years. They also ask you to research the differences between 70S and 80S ribosomes, and again this isn't on the AQA syllabus. Also, for example, where the syllabus does state you need to know the main functions of each organelle, this is given in a longwinded and haphazard way in the notes. Did you find this is to be an issue?

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