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How do Income accessed?

So my mum was previously self employed however is now employed and I am a bit confused over how much student finance I will get in the (2024/25) academic year (doesn’t effect this coming year).

So my mum will be earning around £45000 before tax but £32000 after tax- these 2 figures are obviously in different brackets in terms of maintenance loan entitlement.

I was just wondering if I would get the maintenance loan money for the £45k bracket vs the £30k-£35k one- this is important for me as my mum is unable to financially support me in anyway due to her own financial issues
(edited 8 months ago)
Has your mum filled in the form with the required income information from her self assessment tax form from the 2021/22 tax year?
That’s the year that will be used to calculate your loan entitlement. Income is assessed as gross income (not net income after tax) although some things like pension contributions are deducted.

If your household income has fallen by 15% or more since 2021/22 then your mum needs to complete the CYI form to estimate her (gross) income in the 23/24 tax year.

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