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My mom expects a bit too much from me

Its basically just what the title says, my mom expects me to;

-Work 8am-5pm at a Kennels/Cattery every Saturday + Sunday (But she's not willing to drive me there? So how will I even get there???)
-Work 9am-5pm on my A-Levels during the week, while also putting hours into them on the weekends
-Go out all the time with some guy she keeps pestering me about
-Do chores around the house (I don't mind this tbf)
-Start driving lessons despite the fact I have told her no numerous times
-Find an A-Level Lang/Lit English Tutor, this is actually proving to be very hard and my teachers won't help

This means I'm averaging 45+ hours a week on A-Levels (at least) and 18 hours at a Kennels/Cattery. I'm not even getting good grades on my A-Levels I'm averaging D's/C's for 2 of my subjects (English/Geography) which is making her mad.
I went out with the guy she keeps nagging me about last week for 6 hours but she's asking me about him again already, I have literally told her I'm a lesbian multiple times but she's asking me if it's a phase.
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I understand the A level effort, but why do you need to work Saturday and Sunday at the Kennels? Is it a family business or do you aspire to be a vet?

Have you tried an online tutor? Really good if you are already very busy.

I hope you plan some time to relax. All ages can burn out when they don’t have a good balance of work, play and rest.

Driving is essential but you could always do a intensive course over the summer when you have less going on.
Hi there,

That sounds overwhelming. I am so sorry you are going through all this stress. I think you should prioritise some time alone if you can and destress through meditation, yoga or a hobby that you are interested in, at least for an hour. Self-care is important!

I hope you figure things out and that your mom is becomes more understanding with your concerns. Try talking to her about your concerns that you listed. Let her know that these are too much for you and you need some break. Explain to her that you are not interested in men again, and that she needs to respect your sexuality. Let her know that you are not interested in driving at the moment, but you may be interested in the future. You just have other priorities.

I hope things get better and that you get an English tutor. Good luck with everything.

All the best,
Dana Kafoud
4th-year BSc (Hons) Criminal Psychology student at the University of Essex Online

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