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UCAS contact and residency details/finance and funding - divorced parents

Hi, I'm starting my UCAS application and I'm having trouble with the two categories in the title. Basically, I have divorced parents and share my time equally between them - my dad makes more money than my mum and is married to someone who doesn't have her own income. I don't know if I'll get a much smaller maintenance loan if I put my dad's address as my primary one, or if it won't matter/they'll take both into account anyway.

My provisional license and billing address are both registered at my dad's, and I've lived at that address for longer so it feels more sensible to put that down, but then again if I can get a larger maintenance loan by using my mum's address that would be helpful. I don't know if this is a taboo question lol, but my parents don't really know how it works so any help would be appreciated.
Your student finance application is completely separate from UCAS.

Put the address on your ID on UCAS.

When you apply for student finance in February then you list there which parent will support your application.

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