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Am I oblivious to people flirting?

An example of what happened with my friend-

Firstly my friend said in front of another friend “how come we’ve never slept together?” I just replied, lamely, “because we lived together” which we did and it ruined some attraction seeing how someone lives before dating them etc. and then they just said again something similar again a couple of days later and I just said something jokey. This friend is mostly one of the first people to view my social media stories…

Am I being delusional/ reading into this too much?

I never know if someone’s joking- to be fair my friend didn’t make a physical move on me, but I’m not sure if she said these things to hint and wanted me to make moves on her
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It seems like it could be flirting, but I'm not certain.
Not everyone agrees with me, but it's a personal belief of mine that probably a good 90%+ of things said as "banter", p**s take etc. , often have a certain degree of truth in them. This goes for when messing around with your mates as well; the obvious exceptions are the "Yo mama..." type insults. If your mates constantly take the p**s out of you for one particular thing, it could be a subtle way of them suggesting that you sort it out (after all, if you fix the problem, they can't use it against you then).

Back to the situation in hand, you probably can't draw any firm conclusions one comment on its own... but if it's a typical kind of interaction combined with, say, her normally greeting you like "Hi gorgeous", "Hi sexy", "Hey handsome" etc. then it's almost certainly pointing towards something, no? Other signs are always happy to see you, and making a point to actually talk to you whenever she sees you. Also, if she gives you intimate greetings (e.g. hugging you to say hi/ bye, and she doesn't do this to her other guy-mates... then I'd say there's something there.

Hope that helps. :smile:
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