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Do (which?) Colleges accept friends/girlfriends to sleep over ?

Hi everyone, I'm an international student currently applying for the Oxford M.Jur. and MCL.
Something that's important to me is being able to host my girlfriend or friends when they come from abroad to visit. It's something we do a lot in my group of friends: we take sleeping bags and mattresses and go and visit this or that friend on exchange or doing a work placement abroad. I think I'd have to host people or my girlfriend about once a month (so 9 times a year).
Do you know if Colleges allow this, and if not, do you know of Colleges where it's allowed or possible in practice ?

Many thanks
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University of Oxford, Pawel-Sytniewski
University of Oxford
This information will be available... somewhere on the Internet/college website. However I'd assume that virtually all colleges allow overnight guests. They might try to put some limitations on it (e.g.: no more than once a week or something) but not to worry. Any limitations on overnight guests are more theoretical than anything else - nobody checks. Heh, I remember the one and only time I signed up the overnight guest register on an Oxford college. Went to the porter's lodge, asked for the form I had to sign and the guy's reaction was "Ha, really?". Nobody cares about these policies :smile:
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Most universities allow this.
However they have rules that are concerned with fire safety (ie knowing who is sleeping there) and aimed at “unauthorised” people staying more than a number of nights.
Look at it another way, they have a duty to other residents to know who is there should another resident have an issue with a “guest”
You should be able to find a handbook on line listing conditions.

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