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Guy I’m dating said my petitions of cuddling felt like an exigence

Hey all!
I wanted to receive some thoughts on what’s happening after barely 1 month of knowing someone.
Everything has been great except for the last 2 days we have met.
He had to work next day and we spent the night together and when he cuddled me for like 10 minutes he told me: “now imagine a line in the middle of the bed, and let’s sleep, I need to rest and not to cuddle for the rest of the night” at first I was ok with it as he had hard work next day.
Yesterday, he was also weird, I was on the sofa with him and I felt he wasn’t too physical with me so I started putting that voice and asking him to hug me or kiss me, he did but it felt strange and then told me he felt like I was demanding something it has to come natural, that I was making demands. It killed me that after 1 month he says that that’s an “exigence” and started arguing a bit. He also added “well I think I shouldn’t have met you today” in a jokingly way. He didn’t even touch me when he likes sex with me a lot.
I left and to be honest I cried in my way to the car since this is new for me.
What should I do now? What do you think of these things?

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