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He said I was making demands just because I asked him to cuddle

Hey all!
I wanted to receive some feedback on what’s happening after barely 1 month of knowing someone.
Everything has been great except for the last 2 days we have met.
He had to work next day and we spent the night together and when he cuddled me for like 10 minutes he told me: “now imagine a line in the middle of the bed, and let’s sleep, I need to rest and not to cuddle for the rest of the night” at first I was ok with it as he had hard work next day and it’s true that other nights he has cuddled up so I don’t know if it’s something too serious.
Yesterday, he was also weird, I was on the sofa with him and I felt he wasn’t too physical with me so I started asking him to hug me and kiss me, he did but it felt strange and then told me he felt like I was demanding something it has to come natural, that I was making demands. It killed me that after 1 month he says that it sounded like an “exigence” and started arguing a bit. Hes never been that rude before, and today he’s playing cool, texting me a lot as if nothing happened. What do you think of these things? What should I do? I’m just being a bit distant.
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I think you know if you have to ask - just move on. Life is far too short to put up with this behaviour.

After knowing them for just a few weeks, they are being rude. It's obvious it's only going to get worse (what other hang ups or problems will you face along the way you face?) Here is the moment you know that the strange requirements for separations etc will not end on a good note. Go now without investing any more of your time and emotion.

Yes, there may be so many reasons for this persons behaviour but if you are having doubts now (not just because of this behaviour but it is certainly a good reason) then it is isn't going to get better as time goes on. The rude behaviour, the arguments - if you don't see that behaviour as bad that have taken place in a few weeks of knowing someone you have set your 'self opinion' bar far too low. They are taking advantage of that if you enable it to continue.
He doesn't have to always want to hug/kiss you just whenever you want to.

I'm sure you would agree that a man isn't entitled to demand that you kiss them or have sex with them if you don't want to? So why should it be any different the other way around?

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