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Sharing a room with a sibling

I just need some advice on this matter please. I live in an extremely tiny flat with 2 bedrooms with my brother and mum I'm a woman.Its so small to the point you can walk around the whole place in less than 60 seconds. It was hard sharing because when my brother was maybe around 5+ he'd kick me a lot in his sleep and actually cut my face before he then slept in my mums bed for a bit so i had the room to myself for a little while. Then rather than constantly fighting for a new place to live in my mum and father (he's not really in my life) decided to buy a bunk bed for the small box room for I and my brother to share and at this point we're both over 10 and the opposite sex. It was one the most difficult parts of my life and to this day it still causes arguments with me and my family. During the summer i had a sit down with my parents and told them what was bothering me and they rather teamed up against me and were calling me names and ungrateful I think what hurt me most was my mum teaming up with my dad against me because she'd always talk **** about him and how he doesn't help with anything so it really shocked me when she did that because he's a large reason as to why we're even living in this situation so for them both to throw it all on me just broke me. My mum constantly blames me for not helping with finding a house and i keep explaining to her it was never my responsibility i was the child in this situation and while she says this I was actually always looking for affordable social housing i'd get in contact with the local MP and email the companies that offer social housing to help us and as i was a child i didn't realise doing that would actually amount to nothing but i was recently reading back the emails and i was literally begging for them to help me and my family she knows this but pretends i never did any of that. This whole situation has caused me to have serious anxiety and panic attacks I had to take a gap year during uni because it began to consume me and I was having breakdowns back to back. Even when i work hard i have anxiety over the money I have as I'm always reminded of my situation. My room had a serious mold infestation I had to throw away a lot of my clothes and shoes and I think that's whats been making me sick my mum also blames this on me but my room is a literal box with minimal ventilation as they've fit a bunk bed that takes up half of the box room along with my broken wardrobe. My mum also informed me that the council had removed her from the housing list and rather than her thinking of putting herself back onto it she didn't do a damn thing like i honestly do not understand her at all.

I'm currently 21 and still in university and now my brother sleeps in the living room and i feel so bad because he's always cold and gets bitten by insects he's going to be 16 soon. I'm very ashamed of our flat and always have to give excuses to friends as to why they can't come over and it makes me feel so guilty even though its out of my control. I don't know what to do because i feel like once i finish university the road to complete adulthood is difficult and moving out immediately will be very hard what would you guys suggest? Should i try and get back on the housing list? I don't think my family is a priority so i was thinking maybe i shouldn't bother i also thought of house swapper but again the flat is a literal dump no one is going to want to size down to a dump. Anything would help thank you.
Why don’t you move out? You could have moved out as soon as you started university using your maintenance loan to pay rent.

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