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Friendship Dilemma - Holidays

Hi there,

My best friend and I have been friends for going on 8 years and she knows me better than I know myself. For ages we’ve been talking about going on holiday abroad together, but we always put it off due to timing/financial reasons. When one of us suggests it, the other one always says ‘let’s wait until we’ve got these savings etc etc’. However, I have been speaking to one of my other friends and we have agreed that we would like to go on holiday together too and want to book it soon.

I feel financially ready to have this trip with friend B and I even keep suggesting to my best friend (A) that I’d be ready for a holiday now if she is. However, A still wants to save money and thinks that I do too. My worry is that if I go on holiday with friend B, A is going to be a little shocked and possibly quite jealous that I’ve taken this move with B when I haven’t with her. I just don’t really know how to tell A that this is what I’ve decided and I really don’t want to hurt her feelings. Should I just come out with it, or take a more measured approach? I do really want to go on holiday with A but we can just never find the right time.

Please help! Thank you
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You could say to friend A that you and friend B are thinking about going on holiday together, and would she like to join you?

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