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If I accept my firm choice can I still go through clearing?
I've been offered Psychology at BCU and I want to accept it so I can apply for accommodation. But will this mean I can't apply for biology at BCU through clearing?
If you want Biology then email that Uni and ask about a course switch - now.

(Even if Biology is available in Clearing you will loose any Accom place and be at the bottom of the list because you got the place through Clearing.)
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Ok Thanks will do x
Hi there,

Congratulations on your offer!

If you accept your firm choice, it does not prevent you from going through clearing, it simply secures your place in the course you chose. So you can still explore other options during clearing.

However, accepting your firm choice means that you are committed to that university and course. Additionally, it allows you to apply for accommodation and finalize your finances and other arrangements.

But clearing is still an opportunity to explore different paths and if you change your mind on the course you wish to study, you can participate in clearing.

I hope I managed to help!

Best of luck,
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Thankyou! That’s really helpful

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