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Strict mum whilst dating

Hello! I am 17 years old, my boyfriend is nearly 18 years old and we have been dating for over a year. Before my boyfriend came into my life my mum wouldn't let me properly date anyone, so bare in mind this is my first proper relationship. My mum is extremely overprotective. Me and him would only be able to meet in our local town for months and then she finally let him come over, and he does so every time we decide to meet now. From the start of our relationship, he has been constantly inviting me over and my mum has said no every single time because she isn't comfortable with it. It's now gotten to the point that he is really angry about it and I don't know what to do. I feel like I am making him very unhappy because of it and I have no control because at the end of the day, I am not a legal adult. He keeps telling me that I should just take control and go behind her back but I keep saying no as that is not the best approach. I have tried to convince my mum and gain more of her trust many times but her answer isn't budging. I am so scared that my bf will eventually leave me because he's sick of us not having any freedom. I also feel like his parents are starting to not like me because of all the stress.
Any advice would be appreciated :smile: or is there anyone going through a similar thing?
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i'm going thru the exact same thing. i told my parents ages ago i'd broken up w him (cos they didn't like his religion lol) but yea we are still dating and facetime when we can. before he went uni, we met up as much as we could and yeah it was behind my parents back but imo they don't get to control who i'm in love with. his parents forbid him speaking to girls so when i go over i kind of have to hide lol but yea its worth it imo. don't feel like u need disobey ur parents to out of pressure from others, do it cos u acc wanna link him.

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