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Has my boyf cheated

My boyfriend went on a night out at the weekend. And this girl messaged me on fb and said that my boyfriend had brought her a drink and they’d exchanged numbers. And then she sent me screenshots of her call list and he’d been calling her ( it was his number) asking her to go back to his hotel. He said he never asked her to go back? What would you do. And is he cheating? Nothing has ever happened other than when we was “seeing each other/dating” he kissed a girl on a lads holiday which he didn’t tell me about until we became official.
It’s not really my place to tell you if your boyfriend cheated or not. Also, cheating can often be subjective. But in my opinion, him giving his number to a girl after buying her a drink is pretty weird as both of those things show maybe he found her attractive. Also asking her to come to a hotel is definitely suspicious. He could have been trying to be nice. But inevitably that’s my opinion and it’s your decision if you count that as cheating.

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