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Bisexual - but not planning on ever telling anyone. watch


    I understand the OP.
    I do feel the same about women, I have kissed girls before but never wanted it to go further. I just think sometimes women are nicer to look at/dress more nicely on a night out etc. But I know ultimately i prefer men.
    I dont plan on really telling anyone either, I dont see the point in it.
    It shouldnt matter to anyone else, its nobody elses business. Dont worry.

    (Original post by huangcjz)
    Surely it does matter? Of course, people should only come out if and when they feel comfortable doing so, but they shouldn't be ashamed of it or actively hide it, unless they're very scared that they'll get an adverse reaction, in which case they can just tell the people they're comfortable with telling and not the people they're not. It's a small thing to do which will also help the person themselves as they're being more open and honest with themselves as well as others, and not that difficult unless you're still having trouble accepting your own sexuality. The easiest way would probably just to be honest if someone asks you, you don't have to make a big deal out of coming out.
    Nah I know. But it would be more hassle than it's worth for some people, they could lose family members and everything. I mean I couldn't imagine my grandad ever talking to me again if I was to do that. As I say, if you're gay it's a no brainer, but otherwise it is rather unneccessary to fulfill those desires.
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    The attitude I've got towards sexuality is that people (myself included) are attracted to who they're attracted to and that which gender those people belong to is of little significance. As such, it's not necessary to tell anyone about your sexuality (unless asked of course). They can find out in other ways without having being told about it, like if they see you kissing someone of the same sex and ask you about it or whatever... the way I see it, simply telling people your sexuality is a futile attempt to get attention that has no practical social advantage to it (correct me if I'm wrong), and can lead to you being classified by your sexuality rather than other characteristics.

    I find myself attracted to whoever floats my boat, male or female, sure of their gender or not. For that reason I consider myself without a determined sexuality. I will say, though, most of my primary objects of attraction have been female.

    If a potential mate considers this unattractive in me, then it's their problem imo.
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