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Would u marry a feminist or a religious muslim girl?? watch


    (Original post by XxKingSniprxX)
    :wtf: I only mentioned 2 things that I'd look for in a girl. I didn't come up with a whole bucket list etc. :laugh:

    Btw, did you check out the 'hodgetwins' reference I posted the day before yesterday to you.
    Haha I like to get my views across and jump at the chance

    I did have a look at their channel, haven't watched any videos yet :yep:

    I would marry 200 muslim women and hope at least one of them was alright. Either that for a lesbian feminist and just hope she turns bi.
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    (Original post by Hydeman)
    Ever consider that there might be Muslim women who aren't into that? You don't have to be a feminist to dislike giving head.
    if she's a properly "religious" muslim girl like OP said, it is a requirement, there are many that do.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    if she's a properly "religious" muslim girl like OP said, it is a requirement, there are many that do.
    What, giving head? :toofunny: Care to cite which Koranic verse and/or Hadith commands this? Note that 'permitted' is not the same as 'required.'

    (Original post by Raees_Sharif)
    being a feminist and being a muslim are mutually exclusive events
    I never meant to say they were the same thing. I meant to say I would mind a feminist with strap ons and constant jibber jabber about women's rights and I would mind if someone is overzealous in their belief and it affects me negatively. For example, not letting me eat out where pork is cooked.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Feminist = erm idk, if she was like hating on men that is a bit far but if she is more egalitarian then sure i suppose :yes:
    Muslim Girl = Well tbh idk why her religion is of any importance at all ik people from a few religions that i both like and dislike so kind or irrelevant. However realistically (and i don't want to sound discriminatory and please correct me if this is wrong ) idk how well a white girl having a lesbian relationship with a muslim girl would go down. not that well i'm thinking
    so yeah, tbh i would be lucky to get anyone so if they want me they can have me :lol:
    Haha, I'm a (non religious) white girl who happened to date a Muslim girl who always identified as a feminist, and I can honestly tell you that it didn't go down TOO well at all - as you suspected anyway, lol. It wasn't widely accepted(obviously) and she constantly had her friends telling her how wrong it was. Her family hadn't been made aware of our relationship, however she had previously hinted to her father that she was gay and well, that also didn't go down well at all


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