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supporting autistic kids

I am 18, freshly out of sixth form, and have a job interview on monday concerning supporting a year 2 boy on the autistic spectrum.
now i trust the school this is for, my brother went there, and it is know for being one of the best (private) school in my area.
my issue is my lack of experience..
when inquiring for a job, i said in my email i have no qualifications for child safeguarding etc. all i have done is help some primary school kids with their homework.
my question is, do you think me with no experience with this kind of thing would be able to do it? and what sort of training and qualifications would i need? and what sort of stuff i could say in the interview that show, even wothout qualification, i really want this job and think it would help me gain the skills i dont have.
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You could be able to but in this kind of case they may want you to have more experience with handling kids/training. Some ppl want a qualification in looking aft children.

The second is show your passion through eagerness maybe? The second question idrk how to answer sorry😅

Hoped I gave some help xx
Wish you the best of luck with this xx
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