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Perfect Boyfriend and Ideas on Long Distance

I have known him for over a year now. We met on instagram and have been talking since. We have met twice, and he actually confessed soon after our first meetup cz he panicked when i told him i'll be going abroad in another 3 months. Thus we started dating.

We have a LOT i mean A LOT in common, minus his unhealthy obsession for legos. He's an innocent kid, and a lot of my friends know him to be so (some are his family friends). We have such fun together through texts and MANY video calls but it always lingers on me to meet him. We met up for the second time soon after we started dating, and his smell still lingers on me. We both manage schoolwork well (we're both 17) but it always saddens me how i can never meet him. My mom found out some weeks ago and she's strict, but she's okay as we stay together as long as it's just text and call. We surely wont do anything risky if we ever do meetup (sex is the least of our concerns...) we just want to MEET! We're planning on this one meetup, which is also more than a month away and it makes me so impatient.

I'm going abroad in about 2 months to the UK, and he's suggesting long distance. I really really really wanna cz he's unlike any other guy I've known. All i know is both of us will go absolutely insane from not being able to see the other but call us being in a relationship for idk, 3 years until i come back??? I just want to be with him...

I have two questions :
1. How do I meet him up? I mostly wont have transport in the future cz we already sold our car amidst the plans of migrating
2. Is long distance a good idea?
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Where will he be living for those 3 years? I'm just thinking time zones, travel etc for starters.
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Original post by Surnia
Where will he be living for those 3 years? I'm just thinking time zones, travel etc for starters.

We live in Sri Lanka for the time being. I'll be moving to the UK while he stays here. It's a +4.30 time zone i think.

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