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Liking a guy you work with and see him on dating apps

Hi ,

I started a new contract 8 weeks ago (so I employed by a different company to the guy) . I work with this guy who’s a manger . We get on okay in person when we talk about work he’s fine but if you try to talk about himself he’s a little shy . I am struggling to read him he is always offering to take time to help with my work but I tell if he’s just being helpful or it’s something else. A few of his team have made a few comments hinting he may like me or that he’s more helpful to me than other people he could just be invested in the work I am doing . He’s also 6 years older than me so he may not want to make me feel uncomfortable.

Recently I keep seeing his profile on a dating app, I naturally wanted to like him but I keep stopping myself and closing the app so his profile goes . But he keeps coming up I can also see he’s active on it . He’s mentioned a few times about us both being single but it could just be convo.

Now I am really starting like this guy but he’s pretty shy and I don’t want to make it awkward. I am unsure if liking this guy on the app is a good way to see if they feel the same . He does have my number but we only talk work on there and we follow each other on insta .

A friend suggest I mention I have seen him on a dating app and see what he says . I have tried the moments been right ie nobody around but us and I can’t seem to do it.

We both have a meeting together soon and will probably get lunch out . I didn’t know whether I mention seeing him on the app . Or how to hint I like him without it being awkward .

Any suggestions welcome I don’t normally have any issues telling a guy I like them .
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Invite him to bowling, tea or a walk in the park. Something fun and lighthearted to take the pressure off and when you guys meet up. Chat about hobbies and holidays. The shyness will fall when both parties are comfortable and relaxed with the flow. Everything will be on auto pilot from there since you guys are both attracted to each other.
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Flirt a bit, see if you can get him out to a social event where its more relaxed, or suggest a drink after work. Asking about his success ion the dating app could be an interesting and flirty topic

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