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BMAT Section 3 Essay

Could someone mark and score my BMAT Section 3 essay please?

The question is from 2015 and I chose to answer:

“Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.” (Pablo Picasso)
Explain what is meant by this statement. Argue to the contrary. What are the real limits of technology?

My essay:

Computers are now more widespread than ever, with each one of us holding one in our pockets. To say that computers are useless and can only give you answers is partly factual. All computers run programmes that are designed to follow specific lines of code, and code is not written by the computer itself, but by humans. For a computer to carry out its function, it requires some form of human input, whether it be asking Alexa a question or giving ChatGPT a prompt. This is not the mention that computers are unable to think for themselves, feel no emotion and cannot even comprehend skills such as creativity or imagination, which is likely what Picasso, a famous artist, meant by this statement.

However, it is a huge generalisation to say that computers are useless and only provide answers. Mobile phones are able to connect people from all over the world and can be installed with a multitude of benefitial apps. They can replace physical tools such as compasses, clocks and calculators. Speaking of calculators, some of the technological advancements today would not be possible without the use of computer calculations, as some of these equations and formulas would take weeks to solve by a human. Computers are able to access the internet and dig out information from a myriad of databases; more information than a human could learn in a lifetime.

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, we cannot accurately predict the real limits of technology, but we already know some concerns that could become problematic. As AI computers take over jobs in factories and other sectors, working people would have to compete just to make a living. Computers do not get tired, or get sick or pregnant, so naturally they will replace human workers in certain industries. Outside of jobs, technologies such as self-driving cars allow computers to make decisions on human lives. Computers have no comprehension of human rights, so how can they make ethical decisions. Of course, healthcare will benefit from technologies such as robots doing precise surgery. Perhaps we could learn to live and work in harmony with computers, although the UN has recently listed AI as a threat to humanity, along with climate change. Do these benefits outweigh risk to humanity?
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