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What EXACTLY is smoking/vaping?

I don't and never will smoke/vape but I've always been very confused: what exactly is smoking/vaping?

All I see it as is breathing gas in, breathing gas out. So basically an unhealthy substitute to natural breathing. If that's all it is, why do people still do it? They should know by now that it's just harming them and though it may make you seem cool now, what will happen later on will not be so cool anymore.

P.S. I realise this simple question has become kind of a small rant. If I've offended, upset, hurt, triggered anyone with the short paragraph above, I am sorry. I'm not forcing anyone to quit or anything, it's just pretty upsetting for me to see people hurting their lives like this.
For anyone who is trying to quit, I hope it all goes well.
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I just want an answer to a legitimate question
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and well I guess I wont get one
Welp, imma leave this for whoever finds it 20 years down the line.
Maybe then I can get the answer I want.
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haha okay but yes it breathing in gas which in turn damages your lungs along with any other side effects, also yes people do it to make themselves look cool, for example they may see their older cousin or friend or something smoking/ vaping and they have cool friends who go out to parties and clubs and stuff then yh they might want to do it, another reason is it a coping mechanism, this can be harder to understand, in simple terms, sometimes when people feels like everything is spiralling out of control, they want something consistant in their life, just something to come back to, so then they smoke/ vape to release the tension, and then they cant stop and can become a problem depending on the persons' self control!

im not in any way justifying the damage that comes with this, these are just general reasons why someone may choose to do it.

most (not all) people start smoking/ vaping when they are younger (13-15yo) at that point long term consiquences arent always first priority! (your brain doesnt develop long term thinking until the average age of 25) this can result in them being implulsive making decisions, ie, they arent really thinking about 20 years into the future, they would think about now, (eg. look cool now and deal with the consequences later sort of thing). hope that answers your question :wink:
i didnt even mention the additives in the "gas" in vapes which makes people want to come back to it again and again, most vapes u find are flavoured, so generally appeals to the more younger range of teenagers, whereas, now, people may smoke beacuse they see other people doing it

and if you are looking for an explaination of addiction in simple terms: imagine you got no sleep over the weekend but you got a very important and very busy week ahead of you working 12hrs+ and so you have some strong coffee every day that week, the next week, even though you dont need the coffee, you will still have it, you wouldnt feel like you can function with out it. addiction to coffee is usually mild, but if you drink tea/ coffee, trying to not one day can be hard, for people who smoke/ vape this effects them on a larger scale.
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You’re right, it’s about inhaling toxins in to your lungs, which is an unwise thing to do
For some people like me (I vape) it’s a way to get rid of stress after a very long day of university + work + gym

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