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Eligibility for ADG

Online sources are very ambiguous and contradictory about which adult dependents qualify you for ADG. The Gov website says the following:

To get an Adult Dependants’ Grant, another adult must depend on you financially. They cannot be any of the following:

your child

a relative who earns more than £3,796 a year

getting student finance during the same academic year

your partner if you’re under 25 - unless you’re married or in a civil partnership

You’re also not eligible if:

your household income (your own taxable income plus that of anyone else living in your household) is over £15,453.98

you’re getting a Postgraduate Loan

However, the SFE 'Grants for Dependents' regulations state:

In AY 23/24, the amount of ADG under regulation 44 is £3,354 for one of the following:
an eligible student’s partner (as defined in Section 4) or
a non-partner adult dependant of the student whose net income does not exceed £3,796 in the current academic year. (A student is not eligible for a grant in respect of an adult dependant whose net income exceeds this amount, and such dependants are not included in the dependants’ grant income assessment.

Can you please confirm that the earnings limit of £3,796 only applies to non-parnter dependent adults? Therefore, a student with a financially dependent spouse who earns say £5,000 per tax year, will still be entitled to the full amount of ADG?
Hi there. Yes, the £3,796 income only applies to the other adult dependent. If you have a partner who is dependent, you can apply. The amount of ADG you would be entitled to would be calculated using the household income. The household income can be no more than £8,746 to be eligible for the maximum ADG. Thanks, Leah.

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