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SFE - Msc Phyiotherapy Pre Reg Funding - professionally registered in the field ?!

I graduated in Sport rehabilitation last summer and I am currently registered with BASRaT.
I am interested studying MSc Physiotherapy pre-reg at St. Mary’s uni, Twickenham 2024/25 (2y course/full time) and I have couple of questions as some of the threads/informations are confusing/ contradicting.

I am aware that I am entitled to apply for BSc full funding as Physio courses counts as exception - as long as I am not professionally registered in the field. What does this means, please? Some SFE advisers here on the forum suggest that I am entitled to funding (due to the exception anyway) and some don’t.

Regarding the note - professionally registered in the field
The official NHS website does not states Sport rehabilitation as an Allied health professions.. only physiotherapy.
1) Am I eligible to apply for BSc funding? (Previously studied Sport rehabilitation)
If I am not eligible because I am currently registered with BASRaT, will my situation change (will I be eligible) if I cancel my BASRaT registration, please?
2) If I not eligible because my undergrad is in the ‘similar’ field, am I still eligible to apply for normal Postgraduate funding, please?

Does the ‘professionally registered in the field’ means that I would have to have BSc/MSc in Physiotherapy already to not be entitled for funding or is it any ‘allied health profession’, please?

Can someone clarify this for me, please?

Kind regards


Yes, as physiotherapy is an exception to previous study and equal level qualification rules and is different to what you have previously studied.


You will be eligible as long as you are not a qualified physiotherapist.

Thanks, Clare

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