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Applying to a new uni but I have accepted a place elsewhere.

Can I apply for a place at a uni while already holding one at a different uni? I accepted a place at Uni 1 last year, deferred to this year. I now want to apply for the same course at Uni 2, but I'm not sure if I want to gamble and lose my place at Uni 1. Would I be able to apply to Uni 2, accept an offer (if i received one) and then cancel at Uni 1? I should also mention Uni 2 was my first choice, and I didn't get in due to an admin error, causing my application to be for a Masters, not a Bachelors like I intended. The uni didn't change my application in time so i definitely didn't meet the grades lol. Thanks :/
(edited 4 months ago)
You can’t apply in the current cycle whilst holding a deferred place via UCAS.

But you can be released from the current place, and then include it in your five new choices. IE. Apply to it again.

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