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SFE payment

My next maintenance loan is tomorrow (29th of January). I know it takes three working days. I was wondering if anyone knew if they pay three days before then or three days from the date?

My bank allows early payments at 8:00 pm, I'm hoping it go through by then, I'm totally broke due to an error I made regarding my next work payment so I have no way of getting there and back yet.
Your university might have emergency hardship funds. Where I work you can be loaned £20 instantly for a short period to help tide you over until your loan payment.

Have you spoken to your bank about extending your overdraft? Or do you have a credit card - neither are any good for long term borrowing but both can be helpful to cover your costs for a week.
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Hi there, I can see PQ has responded to your query. Any further questions then do let us know. Thanks, Jason

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