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ok so i have a lot to say

last academic year, i was jn a group of 6 but we dropped this one girl because well long story short but she wasnt really fond of two of the people in the group - lets just call them C and B. This is because in the group of 6 C and B made a trio in it including the girl then after a while just kicked her out of it etc etc

so when that happened we were just a group of 5 but thats when the problems started to happen. C and B constantly made it so obvious to the two othes in the group and myself that they were a duo. They would organise plans to go out without us (sometimes right in front of us). Also before we dropped that girl, them 3 would make plans together right in front of us and not invite us. I dont think them 2 should never go out together but when they plan stuff in front of us its not really nice. Other things they do is walk ahead of us chatting while one of us or us 3 are behind them (sometimes we have different classes so) like literally today after class they were waiting for me to walk with them then when i came to them they were just walking in front of me talking about something and i was just behind them. Other things they would do is - for example- my friend is in their pe clas and C and B would just exclude her/talk ab something without her (she told me this in december). Also at break and lunch all they do is go on tjeir phones and text each other so

So ur probably wondering why havent I told them about this? Its because i basically cant. A couple of months ago, one of my other friends and i told them that we felt left out and B was coming at us and B said stuff to me like how i cant get angry over little ghinhs all the time and that everyone feels left out. I’ve tried talking so now i just keep silent. And what hurts is that my other 2 friends have noticed their behaviour but they also cant say anything.

Something else they did… so a while back they made a gc with them and myself added to it and the aim was to “be real” although whenever i tried to be real everything i wojld say would get dismissed but i just kept on talkinh to them about whatever they wanted to talk about because for once i felt included with them but then they went from talking about celeb crushes to talking about the actual boys they were talking to. For context, i go to an all girls school so thus was shocking to me considering that they before seemed against talking to boys. Me personally, i dont talk to boys so i basically had nothing to say to them and thats when i started to get left out again. The only thing they talk about is boys. At break, at lunch, while walking to class (sometimes) . Like im nkt against them talking to boys but i feel like they’re putting boys over our actual friendship.

Something else is that they also make one of my friends in the group do all their homework then proceed to barely talk to her.

sorry just had to dump everything because i cant tell any of my friends this and i have absolutely no idea what to do. Are these real friends? Am i the problem?

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