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Year of interruption affect funding

Hey, so my situation is that I'm currently in my second year of uni, but am debating switching courses to a 3 year course. I'm aware that if I went straight into it, I would receive 3+1-2=2 years of funding and that I would have to fund first year tuition on my own. However, I would only be able to apply next year, so I want to take a year of interruption to properly decide before committing to one course as I may wish to just continue my current course at the end of the year. This means that whilst I wouldn't be attending uni I would still technically be enrolled, and so I'm wondering if doing this would count as a "year of study", and thus if then I do decide to swap to the 3 year course would this mean I would then only be entitled to tuition funding in the 3rd year? Or does it not count as a year of study and so would I still be entitled to tuition funding in both 2nd and 3rd year if I did decide to swap course at the end of the year of interruption?

Hopefully I've made myself clear enough but I'm happy to elaborate on anything that's confusing.

Thanks in advance for any help/information!
Hi TrisSH,

When you say you will be technically enrolled, are you referring to the 3rd year or do you just mean that you are going to complete the current 2nd year you are on now then taking a gap year before starting the new course?

Thanks, Clare
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Not referring to the 3rd year, the uni calls it a year of interruption, I don't know if this is exactly the same thing as a gap year; I'll still technically be enrolled at the uni but I won't be studying for the year (and won't have to pay any fees). My hope is to take the year of interruption so I can decide whether I want to keep going with my current course or swap to a different one, whilst being able to focus on my studies and not worry about what I'm going to do next year during this semester.
Hi TrisSH,

If you are not attending a course for a year then that would be a gap year and would not be considered as in attendance of a course at that time. This means that the calculation would still be 3+1-2=2 years.

Thanks, Clare

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