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How much does body language affect a girls attractiveness? watch


    (Original post by lifeonpluto)
    Ive been thinking, for guys how much is physical attraction in girls mainly about how they actually look, as opposed to how they move and communicate?

    For example if you had a nice looking girl who was shy, miserable, didn't make a lot of eye contact and her movements were slow does this sort of thing affect whether or not you are turned on by a girl?

    Whereas an average looking girl may smile a lot, have flirty body language such as plenty eye contact, joking with you, touching your shoulder as she speaks etc does body language and how a girl 'presents' herself make much of a difference to if you are turned on by her?

    What kind of movements and body language are a turn on (if any) in general conversation?
    Body language matters a lot for me. If a girl smiles to me a lot, talks a lot, moves relatively close to me, and all the other things you mentioned, I'd really like her I'd make it quite clear from the beginning if I hated her looks, which has never actually happened anyway!

    I was discussing something similar to this with a guy friend the other day. I know a few quite attractive girls (in my view) who do not seem to have much male attention compared to others. My guy friend said that he didn't feel attracted to any of them. His reason was this: these girls are flawless, never a hair out of place, very little emotion, perfect posture etcetc. He wants a girl to show her flaws, to cry and to laugh, some one he can hug and to make her feel better. With these girls, he said he wouldn't feel like he would have a purpose, he wouldn't need to cuddle them or make them laugh. I suppose I had never though of it that way. Us girls often try so hard to look perfect and be perfect on dates. I suppose this doesn't really come under 'body language' but it is interesting all the same

    (Original post by Edenr)
    Mannerisms and how a girl carries herself pretty much define her for me.
    :yy: I have nothing to add.
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