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Here's a big list of where you can get Clearing help on TSR and speak to specific universities :woo: Clearing opens on the 5th July, and this thread will get bigger and bigger as more unis put out their 2022 courses available in Clearing.

Just click through to these threads and ask your questions there to get a response These are being added over the course of the next few days, so if you can't find yours please do make one and tag StrawberryDreams to get it added to the list.

Click +Show on the alphabetical order below to find the threads! Try the rep threads first, and if it's not there then scroll down to all the uni threads

Here is a list of useful resources about Clearing in 2022 you might find helpful

Be Prepared for Results Day - download our template to start researching your options

Clearing 2022 FAQ and ask questions here

A-level Results Day 2022 countdown

Guide to getting out of an unconditional offer and into Clearing

Your one stop shop for Clearing - guide to Clearing 2022

Why is Adjustment no longer around for 2022?

Highest ranked universities in Clearing 2022

List of all university Clearing hotline numbers and links to their TSR forum

Sign up for helpful alerts about Clearing 2022!

I'll be adding more of these as I find them so if you see one I've missed or you've made your own please let me know :ahee:

Universities Rep Clearing help threads:

General Clearing Advice Threads:

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