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Mum blames dad for random stuff

Μy mum (just turned 50)'s been having weird bad moods for no reason. Yesterday she sulked the entire morning because of constipation, but never told my dad and me about it so it felt like walking on broken glass. Thankfully something must've happened when I got out in the afternoon, cuz when I returned she'd been happily watching tv.

Today everything was great, she was joking with my dad, but half an hour later she'd gone off the handle and blamed my dad for not sending out group photos he took at the family gathering 2 days ago. She'd been going on and blaming him she looked so fat and white haired in the photos. I really feel bad for my dad and now I have an angry mum. They argued a bit (I agree with my dad on this one) and now we're all silent and sulking. Anyone's parents like this too? What should I do? Help

Sorry for the rant. Merry Christmas for all who celebrate it
Hi, firstly Merry Christmas .Maybe the mood swings may be caused by menopause and this can affect women at this age. It can lead to mood swings things so I think you should support your mother through this and maybe go see a doctor to see any treatment and if she is actually going through the menopause.

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